Men on Boats


Men on Boats

by Jaclyn Backhaus

Men on Boats rides again in a co production between Playwrights Horizons and clubbed Thumb, opening at Playwrights Horizons in August.

From The New York Times: "‘Men on Boats’ Blurs Genders in Recalling John Wesley Powell’s Expedition"

"Ms. Backhaus’s lively script and Will Davis’s highly ingenious direction leave no room for nudging references to any gender gap between cast and characters"

Sorry, Robot

by Mike Iveson

From The New York Times: "Robots May Get an Emotional Upgrade, but Humans Are Also Up for Retooling"

"Written and composed by Mike Iveson, a staple of downtown theater making his debut as a playwright, “Sorry Robot” is smart, silly, sloppy and, at moments, joltingly insightful. Like many of my favorite people, this musical sci-fi noir is a charming mess, spilling over with original thoughts and getting higher all the time on its own increasingly far-fetched ideas, until suddenly it all starts to make excellent sense. This play, directed with endearing haphazardness by Will Davis, could surely never have been written by a computer program."



by Andrew Hinderaker

From The Washington Post: ‘"Colossal’ at Olney Theatre Center aims for the goal post, and succeeds"

"This is not “Gridiron, the Musical.” It is, rather, a play finding through the laws of physics a thrilling way to tell a story of exquisite pain...The beauty of bodies in motion provides “Colossal” with an aesthetic power that informs the entire evening."

Orange Julius

by Basil Kreimendahl

After being poisoned by Agent Orange in the jungles of Vietnam, Julius is dying. Nut, his queer daughter, tries to reconnect with her father as one man to another by caring for his decaying body, sorting through her childhood memories, and diving into war movie fantasies. As worlds and identities blur, Nut finds herself fighting for her father’s life in ways she never expected.