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"Queering The Room: Some Beginning Notions For A Queer Directing Practice"
This method of working through the unknown and working with a bit of grace with the imperfect is the only way I have managed to arrive at a sense of self in my life. I’ve had to learn to listen to the impulse inside me that says, “just cross the threshold, I have no idea why or what will happen but just do it and we’ll sort it out on the other side.” That was true when I changed my name, it was true when I started making physical changes to my body, and it is true today.

"How Do We Make It? Directors and the New Theater Landscape"
Rather than rely on a production model where the script has all the answers, what if we assumed the script was a powerful tool among many powerful tools? What if we believed that the most important work was about how a group of people, including the playwright, interpreted the words on the page to create the performance text?

"Making Room for the New Work Director"
There is no formal application for directors like me in a process like the MFA Playwright’s Workshop. If there had been I would have jumped on the chance to apply.